Monday, July 27, 2009

A Weekend Gone Wrong

This past weekend kind of stunk! It seemed like nothing went right or turned out the way I wanted. I actually had most of the weekend off work, but the sad thing is I would have rather been at work.

Friday I sat at home with nothing to do. I was waiting for my cousin to call me so I never even tried to make plans; little did I know that she would text me a little after nine and say she was going to bed. -- First day off work at the mall wasted.

Saturday wasn't too bad. I cleaned out my car and then met my cousin to go up to Boone County Fair to watch some girls from her work sing in the talent show. They did a pretty good job, but didn't win anything. Then we went back to her house to check on the guys (who were roofing, this is where Josh was through all this) all weekend and then we ordered pizza. Not good for my diet.

Sunday I was going to go to a family reunion that my dad said started at 11. Well when we got there no one was there except for my Aunt and her boyfriend. They were just setting things up and said it didn't start to 1. Well at the point I was thinking I could stick around since I didn't have to work until 3. Well people didn't start showing up until 2 and my grandma said they weren't eating until 4. So at 2:30 I decided I better go and grab something to eat and go to work. Then after work I went home and waited for Josh to come home from roofing.

It was such a bad weekend. I didn't really do anything that I wanted. I felt like I had all this free time, but nothing to do. I really need to make some new friends that want to hang out and not ditch me at the last minute. I feel like that happens to me all the time and it's really starting to get old! So pretty soon I'm going to have to put out an ad for a new friend. Maybe even have my own show like Paris Hilton. haha just kidding about that part.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Early Day Off

Throughout the summer I have been having half days on Tuesdays. It seems like every week I always have something to do on that day. This week however, I didn't have anything to do! Good thing, because I got a lot done.

First I took Josh lunch. I took him Taco Bell. Not the most healthy thing, but that's what he wanted.

Next I went home and ate my lunch (Taco Bell), well part of my lunch... my Mexican pizza didn't taste that great.

Then I cranked up the radio and started cleaning! I got a lot done, but could have done a lot more. I really hate cleaning, so it really helps when I'm in the mood to do it. Maybe later this week I will get more done. Or maybe if we invited people over sometimes then I would have to clean...

After cleaning, I worked out. I have been doing the P90X again. I haven't been doing that great with my exercising, but I'm hoping that I stick with it and am able to meet my goal. I've been trying to eat less too. I've been eating the same kinds of foods, just less of them.

After working out, I made dinner. It was pretty good. I made these rib things and potatoes.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with my day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Time has been flying away from me.

One of the most recent things going on is that my Grandma had a stroke. It happened a week ago and she has made little progress since, but our family's hopes are still strong.

My Grandma is 90 years old. We just recently had her birthday party which turned out wonderful. She was able to see her friends and family that she had not seen in some time now. she just told me a few weeks ago that 90 hasn't been good to her. She felt like ever since she turned 90 that she was going down hill. Now lets remember that for her age she got around good, remembered and communicated well. Now after her stroke she is unable to use her right side and is unable to speak. Eating and drinking have become a challenge.

We are sure that she knows who we are. She will hold your had and look at you. It's tough talking to her since she is unable to respond but it is good for her and may help her progress if we talk to her as though we would anyone else. We do know that she understands when we speak to her, because she was able to do some simple things like open her mouth, push on a hand and stick out her tongue when the doctor asked.

She is being a trooper and I can't even begin to imagine how she feels. Our family and friends have been hoping and praying for the best for her.