Thursday, January 21, 2010

Workout Week 3

I am now on workout week 3! Which is pretty awesome, because I usually quit before I get done with week 2. I'm also pretty excited becuase next week my workout plan will change. It will be nice to have a little change.
Weigh in is tomorrow morning and I'm feeling pretty confident. After a disappointment last week when I weighed in and I have been trying harder this week so that it wont happen again. I'm trying to work harder during workouts and being sure to stay at the bottom of my calorie limit. I have been doing pretty good and I'm ready to weigh in and see if my hard work has paid off.

Although I didn't make my weigh goal last week I am still on track because the first week I surpassed my goal. I'm hoping I will surpass it again this week. That always makes me feel good!

Monday, January 11, 2010

How It's Going

It's now January 11th and I'm on my second week of dieting/working out. Things are going pretty well for now... (usually my diets last a few weeks) I've had a few slip ups here and there with my eating, but I figure I just have to jump right back in and try harder next time. I've messed up on my workouts too. Last week I missed Yoga. I kept meaning to double up on workouts and make it up, but I never did. At the end of each workout week I also get a rest/stretch day. This past week however, I took two. But then I got right back in the game after that. I'm not going to lose any just sitting around now am I? This morning was my arms and shoulders workout. I didn't get up in time though. The bed was just too warm. So now I'm going to have to do it tonight. Which kind of stinks since I have two shows that I like to watch on Mondays. Thanks god for DVR's! Anyway... I'm thinking I will go home and eat dinner (I like to eat right when I get off), chill for an hour (your supposed to wait an hour after eating before exercising), do my workout and then watch one of my shows and then I can watch my other show later this week. It's the plan, but lets see if the plan follows through! haha So that is how my workout/diet is going thus far.

Weighing In
Each week I'm going to weigh in on Fridays and last Friday was my first weigh in. I only lost one pound, but that is better than none. It was just a little disappointing because I weighed myself on the regular scale and you know you can't read them very well and it looked like I lost 2 (this was on Thurs) and so then when I did my official weigh in on the Wii (so OFFICIAL) and I saw I had only lost one; I was a little bummed. Anyway. At least I'm off to a start!