Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peanut the Working Dog

Today Josh brought Peanut in to visit me at work!

She loved it and everyone loved her. She got lots of treats and lots of attention. Everything that a dog could ever love.

In case you didn't know Peanut is a cop dog. She works hard to serve our state! Josh became the K-9 keeper a few months ago when we bought our home and so she lives with us and goes to work with Josh everyday. She is a good dog and smart too!

She has been so good tonight too! She must have had all she could handle because I find it hard to believe that she listened when I told her I wasn't going to pet her tonight.

Although I love her... Styx is still my fav! Styx is our other dog that I have had for a few years now... don't worry... both of them know Styx is my favorite!

(The picture isn't very good... I will have to get a better one at a later date.)

Just so People Know

I can see where people don't realize why I'm dieting and exercising.

The thing is. I'm doing it for myself to make myself feel better and be more confident. I know I'm not over weight, but I'm not happy with how my body looks. It's a personal decision that I have made and I plan to get in better shape over the year of 2010.

I doing it in a healthy way so there is nothing to worry about. I also know what my ideal weight is and that is what I am working towards. If I don't meet it, then ok, but I want to at least try to get myself to the point where I don't find the need to where something over my swimsuit. I want to be out and have a good time and not worry about my appearance.

That's all.

I'm not trying to offend anyone so if I offend you sorry, but this is something I feel I need to do for myself.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Going Goal

By now you have all figured out my goal of trying to get in shape by my birthday. I'm I want to lose a total of 2o pounds and I have lost 6 so far. I must say I'm pretty impressed with myself. I've never stuck with a diet or exercise program this long. I am still doing the P90X although I have gotten a little behind... I was sick for a few days and it threw me off track.

Although I'm happy that I am continually losing weight I am a little upset that I haven't seem that much of a change in my lower stomach. This is my main problem area and the part of my body that I want to change the most. I have decided that I am going to measure the around the wides part of my stomach and in a month see if I have dropped any inches.... So here we go. Ok-- well I was going to do it right now but I can't find my measuring tape so I will have to find that and do it later.