Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peanut the Working Dog

Today Josh brought Peanut in to visit me at work!

She loved it and everyone loved her. She got lots of treats and lots of attention. Everything that a dog could ever love.

In case you didn't know Peanut is a cop dog. She works hard to serve our state! Josh became the K-9 keeper a few months ago when we bought our home and so she lives with us and goes to work with Josh everyday. She is a good dog and smart too!

She has been so good tonight too! She must have had all she could handle because I find it hard to believe that she listened when I told her I wasn't going to pet her tonight.

Although I love her... Styx is still my fav! Styx is our other dog that I have had for a few years now... don't worry... both of them know Styx is my favorite!

(The picture isn't very good... I will have to get a better one at a later date.)

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